About Our ISA

Choices is dedicated to offering you a truly Innovative Finance product. The money we raise from you is put to work within businesses to power their growth, reducing their dependence on the banks and providing a high interest yield of 7% per annum to you, the investor.

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Put simply, investing in a bond from Choices allows investors to benefit from the attractive rates of return on offer from lending to businesses that the banks used to enjoy. Applying your investment, Choices undertakes funding to growing businesses.

Any businesses applying for funding through Choices are subject to a rigorous underwriting and assessment criteria conducted by the Investment Committee of Choices Funding, an experienced, multi-disciplinary, professional team.

Lending Assessment Process

01. Due Diligence stage

Choices Funding Group (CFG) undertake rigorous due diligence and research on all potential borrowers. Security is thoroughly investigated and, wherever possible, insured.

02. Approval Stage

The Lending Committee reviews the borrowing proposal and associated documentation and makes a decision whether or not to provide funding.

03. Security

Loans will be secured on the assets of the borrower and pledged to an independent Security Trustee. The purpose of this is to reduce risk for investors in the bonds

04. Investment Returns

These are credited to your account in accordance with the terms of your secured bond.

05. Monitoring

Following the advance of the loan, CFG will actively monitor the borrower’s performance and check their adherence to the terms of the loan.

Financing Business Growth

*Please be aware when investing that your capital is at risk and the value of your investment can go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.

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