When the Banks, and only the Banks, created the PPI mis-selling scandal, the message left in the public’s mind, and DMS’ response were:

Negative Message
These policies:
DMS’ Response
Are PPI, and that is a rip-off DMS does not offer PPI, only Short Term Income Protection (STIP)
Never pay out In 2014 DMS paid 91.92% of all claims received
Are no good for Clients running their own business. DMS offers Business Closure cover specially designed for Clients running their own business, funding the opportunity to close down a failing business whilst avoiding Bankruptcy, thus facilitating the start of a further business.
Premiums go up if you make a claim Claims on an individual policy have no impact whatsoever on the renewal premium offered. Claims experience across the whole book of business determines the level of renewal premium next year.
Don’t offer renewal if you claim DMS will continue to offer renewal each year until Client reaches the age of 65.
Change the terms of the insurance and the premium at short notice or cancel the cover completely. DMS guarantees the extent of the cover and the premium for a complete year. 60 days before renewal date DMS sets out the cover and the premium it is offering for the next year, giving Clients time to shop around if they wish to see if they can find a better deal.
Won’t pay the whole monthly benefit if my monthly outlay has reduced Clients can Pre-Validate their monthly outlay absolutely free of charge at any time. Then in the event of a claim no further enquiries on monthly outlay will be made.
Won’t pay the whole monthly benefit when I make a claim if my self-employed business profit has reduced in the last year Clients running their own business must Self-Certify the affordability of their monthly outlay at outset. They do this by Pre-Validating this outlay. In the event of a claim in the future no further enquiries on income or outlay will be made
Refuse to pay out on sickness claims saying that they are Pre-Existing conditions If DMS is not prepared to offer you standard cover without any specific exclusions, this will be brought to your attention before your policy starts so you can decide whether to go ahead or not. All declared Pre-Existing conditions are shown by DMS on your Certificate, so you know that cover for these is excluded before your policy starts. Having started your policy, if you have no further symptoms of a Pre-Existing condition, take no further medication for it and seek no further medical advice for it, after 24 months the exclusion of it will be removed.
Won’t pay out if I am off work through stress DMS will pay claims for stress for up to 3 months without the need for you to be referred to a Specialist, and up to the full term of the benefit period if you are so referred.
Won’t pay out if I am off work with backache DMS will pay claims for back conditions for up to 3 months without the need for you to be referred to a specialist, and up to the full term of the benefit period if you are so referred.



Previous bad experience How DMS would deal with you
I bought cover for my mortgage payments then later sold my house and rented a property. When I was made redundant my insurance company refused to pay out because I no longer had a mortgage. If a claim arises in the future, so long as you have regular monthly provable outlay for anything at all that totals to at least 80% of the monthly benefit under your policy, DMS will pay the claim.
I ran my own business for years then suddenly business took a turn for the worse and I really needed to close it down, but the only way I could claim on my policy was if someone else bankrupted me, and if that happened I wouldn’t have been able to start in business again. DMS Business Closure cover allows a Client to face up to the fact that their business is no longer viable. In order to make a claim under the policy, they have to show that they have informed HMRC that they have ceased to trade, and they must sign on as unemployed with the relevant Government department and be actively seeking work.
I couldn’t buy enough cover to live off. DMS offers up to 65% of your gross income or net profit.
I run my own business, what if in the year I need to make a claim or the year before it might profit was much reduced from when I bought the cover You must Self-Certify your income at outset, and this means that no further enquiries about income or outlay will be made if a claim arises.
I bought cover for my mortgage payments, but the year before I needed to claim I paid the mortgage off. When I tried to claim the insurance company refused to pay. If you have Pre-Validated your monthly outlay, and you can do this at any time at zero cost, no further enquiries about outlay will be made if a claim arises.
When I tried to make a claim for sickness the insurance company deducted from the monthly benefit what I was being paid from work before paying the claim. DMS pays Accident & Sickness claims up to 125% of the sum of your regular provable monthly income, or the level Pre-Validated previously, regardless of any payments you receive from work.
When I bought my policy there was a long Initial Exclusion Period before I could make a claim. DMS has no Initial Exclusion Period for Accident & Sickness cover, and only 60 or 90 days for cover against Involuntary Redundancy or Business Closure. Even this can be waived if you transfer cover to DMS from another provider.
I had my policy for years but then changed jobs and became a contract worker and my insurer refused to pay out. If you are a contract worker DMS has special terms for you and will explain these in detail before you decide whether to buy or maintain the cover or not. After you have been under contract of the same employer for 24 months, DMS treats you as if you were in Permanent Employment. If you have been working for an employer for two years or more and then become a contract worker for that employer, DMS will continue to treat you as if you were in permanent employment.
I have a policy and claimed for Redundancy. After two months of being paid the monthly benefit I was offered a job with a probationary period that I accepted. Three months later I failed the probationary period, and the insurance company said that I could not claim for that because it was not Redundancy. I would have been better off staying unemployed and continuing to claim. On request, DMS will treat the new job with the probationary period as a temporary position and will halt the claim with the clock stopped for up to 12 months. If after three months you had failed the probationary period, your original claim would have been restarted, with no further waiting period, and with a further 10 months benefit being payable (as you have already received two months benefit).

DMS – Taking the sting out of Unemployment
DMS – offering Business Closure without bankruptcy


Why don’t you fill this huge need ?

£2,500 Redundancy cover, can earn you the Adviser
up to £9,461 over the term of the mortgage

If you don’t do this, when one of your Clients loses their home because they have been unable to pay their mortgage through unemployment, how will you answer when they ask “Why didn’t you tell me I could have protected myself against this?”

DMS has created Short Term Income Protection that is charged at the old MPPI rates, and is issued on the old MPPI terms. Your Clients can insure up to 65% of their gross income or 125% of the sum of the total regular monthly outlay. DMS offers redundancy cover, monthly benefit of £2,500, payable tax free for up to 12 months, from only £51.89 per month plus whatever amount of commission you wish to add. This “Value” policy is amongst the most competitive premiums available in the market today, and our “Plus” policy offers the very highest quality cover when compared with all other providers at £58.54 per month.

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