40 outstanding features for Clients,
plus 12 for Advisers that other providers may not, or do not offer.
One good reason for every week of the year.

Benefits for Clients. At DMS, we…

  • Publish our claims results. In 2014, we paid out 91.92% of all claims submitted, with only 1% declined due to a “Pre-Existing” medical condition or injury.
  • Cannot cancel the cover before age 65, so long as the Client continues to pay premiums, but can be cancelled by the Client at any time.
  • Cannot cancel an individual policy regardless of claims history. e can only cancel all our live policies, and only then by giving 90 days notice before the renewal date. We have never done that, ever.
  • Review premiums and cover only annually, rather than “at any time with 60 days notice” as for many ASU/ASR/STIP policies. DMS gives 60 days notice of the terms to be offered at renewal, thus allowing Advisers time to shop around to see if a better deal is available elsewhere.
  • Cover up to the lower of 65% income or £2,500 per month.
  • Discount premium is offered up to 125% of ANY regular expense including Rent or Mortgage, but neither of these is actually required to be an expense.
  • Cover Monthly Expenses paid from the Client’s own bank account, the account of their spouse or partner, or a joint account held between them.
  • Offer protection against claim benefits being reduced due to monthly commitments ending or reducing, by Clients Pre-Validating regular outgoings at any time, and at no increased cost. If this is done, there will be no checks on outgoings if a claim arises later.
  • Give exceptional value for money, EG: Client age 40, smoker, hazardous occupation and hazardous hobbies, monthly benefit £1,000, cover against Accident Sickness & Involuntary Redundancy or Business Closure, first monthly benefit payable on day 31 of being off or out of work, back to day one, with claim benefit payable for up to 12 months. Monthly premium – “Plus” policy £40.23, “Value” policy £37.14, both with commission payable of 20% in this example.
  • No premium loadings are applied for smoking, height/weight ratio, family medical history, geographical location, hazardous occupation or hobbies.
  • Do not need Clients to be named on the mortgage deed, rental agreement or loan agreement in order to cover mortgage, rent or loan payments.
  • Cover any regular provable monthly expense.
  • Commence claim validation as soon as the application is made. Every application is underwritten individually, and if we are unable to offer standard terms; this is brought to the attention of the Adviser, and the Client’s instruction to proceed is awaited from the Adviser before the case is placed on risk. Because of this, Clients “KNOW” exactly what is covered by their policy and what is not, rather than “HOPING” they are covered, and having to wait until a claim arises to find this out for sure, possibly many years later, when it is too late.
  • Take messages 24/7 as the DMS Customer Help Centre is available at www.dmsadmin.co.uk 24 hours each day and every day. Here Clients can send information to us, request information or ask questions from us, and receive replies in writing. For Clients who do not have access to the Internet, our Customer Helpline is available on 0800 302 9203 from 9 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 4 pm at weekends. Here our team of PAs will take information from Clients and email it immediately to the appropriate person for quick action.
  • Give claims precedence over everything else within our administration. Claim forms will be sent out on the day that Clients notify a claim, and Clients are encouraged to notify claims to us sooner, rather than later.
  • Continually improve the cover available under our policies, and we have done so in each of the last 4 years. Improvements are added automatically at the next renewal date to all existing policies.
  • Invite annual renewal 60 days before the renewal date, clearly setting out the cover and the premium we are offering for the next year, allowing the Adviser time to shop around if they wish to confirm that there is no better deal available elsewhere in the market. Unless we are notified that the Client does not wish to renew, renewal will automatically take place on the terms and at the premium offered, so as to ensure continuity of cover.
  • Clearly show which Pre-Existing Conditions will be excluded from the cover, because these will be confirmed in writing on the Certificate.
  • If there are no symptoms or treatment for any Pre-Existing Conditions in the first 2 years of the policy, or the two years immediately preceding any claim, they will then no longer be excluded.
  • Allow claims for back problems without the rarely-available radiological evidence of injury required by most ASU policies, for 3 months before this type of evidence is asked for. Back problems, stress and depression account for over 50% of all Income Protection claims.
  • Allow claims for depression, stress or anxiety without the rarely-available referral to a Consultant required by most ASU policies, for 3 months before this type of evidence is asked for. Back problems, stress and depression account for over 50% of all Income Protection claims.
  • Pay Daily Hospitalisation benefit of £100 for each day after 5 twenty-four hour periods as an in-patient, up to a limit of £1,000 during the life of the “Plus” policy, if Accident and Sickness cover is selected.
  • Pay out for Accident or Sickness claims if a Client is unfit to work at their “normal occupation”, regardless of whether or not they might be fit to do something else.
  • Pay out for Accident or Sickness claims on top of any sick pay, up to 125% of listed or Pre-Validated expenses.
  • Pay out for Accident or Sickness claims even if the Client is receiving full pay from work.
  • Specifically cover injuries due to hazardous occupations, sports or pastimes, and on request this can be confirmed as a positive endorsement on the Certificate.
  • Pay out for Involuntary Redundancy or Business Closure if that cover is selected but not unemployment for any other reason
  • Offer no Initial Exclusion Period for Accident or Sickness claims.
  • Offer low Initial Exclusion Period for “Plus” policy for Involuntary Redundancy, Business Closure or Carer claims of only 30 days.
  • Offer low Initial Exclusion Period for “Value” policy for Involuntary Redundancy or Business Closure claims of only 60 days.
  • Offer waiver of Initial Exclusion Period for both “Plus” and “Value” policies for Involuntary Redundancy, Business Closure or Carer claims if the policy start date is within 30 days of the start of a new Mortgage or Remortgage, or if cover is being transferred from another provider, where it has been held for at least six months with no claim ever made on the policy.
  • Refund premiums in full and cancel from inception if Involuntary Redundancy or Business Closure occurs during the Initial Exclusion Period or during this period the Client is made aware of this possibility and it happens later, as in those cases the claim cannot be paid.
  • Cancel cover from inception and for Employed Clients we pre-pay a complete years premiums on our “Free Employment Lawyer For You” policy if Involuntary Redundancy or Business Closure occurs during the Initial Exclusion Period or during this period the Client is made aware of this possibility and it happens later, as in those cases a claim cannot be paid.
  • Include complimentary legal support of up to £50,000 for Employed Clients with our “Plus” policy, which provides legal support for unfair dismissal, other employment law disputes, HMRC investigations or jury service
  • Continue cover if a Client becomes a contract worker for the same employer, so long as they have been in that employment for 24 months.
  • Let Self-Employed or Controlling Director Clients Self-Certify the affordability of their regular monthly outlay by Pre-Validating this outlay with the production of just bank statements to confirm it. These statements can be on the Client’s own bank account, the account of their spouse or partner or a joint account held between them. In the event of a claim no further enquiries about income or expenses will be made. If provable net profit or Director’s gross income falls, benefit will not be reduced, as explained above*.
  • Uniquely cover “Business Closure due to declining profit” and WITHOUT the Client having to become a bankrupt, thus facilitating a further business start-up.
  • Cover Accident & Sickness up to 125% of total regular monthly outlay for the first two years trading of a new business against projected income or profit.

Benefits for Advisers.

  • We speak to you. Advisers can discuss potential or out of the ordinary cases with our Underwriter by calling 0800 817 4725, and be given guidance on what terms might be available. We regularly offer cover to Clients who have been refused by other providers – for example, a Client resident in the UK and paying UK Income Tax and National Insurance, working four weeks on and four weeks off, on an oil rig offshore from Brazil – accepted by us on the standard terms.
  • If on receiving the application we are not able to offer cover, the Adviser will always be given the opportunity to withdraw the application so that the Client does not have to declare to any other insurer that the application to us was declined.
  • Every communication passing between DMS and the Client is copied to the Adviser within 24 hours. Advisers are also told of claims being notified, accepted or declined, missed premium payments, or cancellations, all within 24 hours.
  • In the rare event that a Client is making a complaint against an Adviser, we will make our complete file on a case available to the Adviser free of charge.
  • DMS policies are available ONLY through Advisers. All approaches by potential Clients directly to DMS are referred to Advisers and Clients are told that because the Adviser offers a whole of market service it may be that a policy with another provider might be recommended to them.
  • Advisers can have their contact details shown on the DMS New Customer Information Request website as an Adviser from whom DMS policies are available.
  • DMS Quick Quote – the “Fastest Quote on the Web“. Just enter your Client’s date of birth and the monthly benefit required and see instantly the price of all of DMS cover options.
  • DMS fast submission service, Advisers can supply a total monthly expenditure on the application, and DMS will follow up later requesting breakdown details from the Client and suggesting Pre-Validation against any future claim.
  • For “Advised” cases, Advisers can select what rate of commission they require on each individual case.
  • For “Non-Advised” cases Advisers can have a White Label website absolutely free of charge, to which they can refer their Clients to a DMS Online Quote & Buy facility, with very competitive premiums, yet still paying 20% commission to the Adviser each month.
  • Email or call us in office hours, and we will call you any time to suit you, daytime, evening or weekend.
  • You can compare our policies with any other provider, we are confident that ours stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of breadth of cover. You can check on the Defaqto website at www.defaqto.com This will show you what star rating we have been awarded, but within this only eight factors are displayed. Over the 40 benefits for Clients and 12 benefits for Advisers listed above, 27 and 11 respectively are highlighted in blue. We invite you to ask any other provider how many of these they offer.

DMS Agency Services Ltd trading as DMS Security Plans is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Firm Reference Number with the FCA is 303028. this can be checked at www.fsa.gov.uk/register/home.do.

Registered in England, Company Registration number 03762280. Our Registered Office is Martland Buildings, Mart Lane, Burscough, ORMSKIRK. L40 0SD.