How is DMS Different?


  • With no loadings for geographical location, occupation or hobbies DMS offers standard terms to almost anyone.
  • DMS offers standard terms to oil rig workers who are UK residents and taxpayers but work four weeks on and four weeks off abroad.
  • DMS issues certificates with positive endorsements for clients peace of mind, such as “this policy covers you for amateur rugby football”
  • Clients need not be named on a mortgage deed before DMS will cover their mortgage payments.
  • ANY regular provable monthly outlay can be covered.
  • DMS understands the market of Clients running their own business, and has designed Business Closure cover for them. Clients “Self Certify” affordability on their monthly outlay so that no further enquiries about income or expenditure need be made if a claim arises.
  • Every client can Pre–Validate their monthly outlay at outset, or any time they choose, so that no further enquiries about this need be made if a claim arises.
  • Monthly outlay can be Pre-Validated by your clients bank statement, their spouse or partner’s statement, or a statement on a joint account held between them.


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