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About Decluttering

Why Declutter?

Your home is probably the single biggest investment you will ever make, so it’s vital that it’s presented at its best, to not only provide you with joy, but also to maximise its value.

Imagine feeling happy and tranquil every time you walk through your front door? I will deliver this for you.

The key benefits of Decluttering are:

  • Maximises the value of your home
  • Frees up valuable real estate
  • Creates more space
  • Saves you time finding belongings
  • Makes your home easier to clean
  • Makes your home healthier
  • Reduces Stress
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Encourages prosperous energy into your home


Why use Prosperity Kitchen Declutter Services?

  • I’m an expert in Declutter and Interior Decoration
  • I’m a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers –
  • I’m a Property Expert with a degree in Estate Management and a Chartered Surveyor
  • I’m an Accredited Practitioner Life Coach with IIC&M
  • I’m fully Insured
  • I do the job properly. You should only need me once
  • I’m discreet
  • I’m non-judgemental and supportive
  • I’m quick

When to Declutter?

  • Your home is cluttered and messy
  • Your home is looking dated or tired
  • Can’t afford to move or extend and need more space. Can’t see where?
  • Preparing your house for sale
  • After a break up of a relationship
  • Birth of a baby
  • Needing to create a home office out of nowhere
  • Downsizing
  • Bereavement of elderly relative, getting the house ready for sale.


What I Declutter?

Anything, from one filing cabinet through to one room or a whole house.

How it Works

I will do an initial consultation to give you my fee quote. I will then return to carry out a full inspection and provide a report which breaks down exactly what my clients need to do step by step.

How long does it take?

Obviously that depends on the instruction, but it can take as little as an hour to weeks. As a guide an average room can take half a day to declutter.

Do you need to be present?

Ideally yes, but you don’t have to be.

Will I make you throw things away?

No. I will never make you do anything you don’t want to do. Ever. My advice and recommendations are just that, advice and recommendations. Ultimately it’s your house and your rules and I will play by them. But if you want me to be tough I will.


Decluttering isn’t all about throwing things away. It’s about identifying what needs to stay and what needs to go (stored, charity, sell or bin).

What do you need to provide?

After my initial consultation I will advise what you will need.

What don’t I do?

I don’t clean and I’m not licenced to dispose of things at your Local Tip. I will also not lift heavy items.

Is the service confidential?

100% Confidential.

Thank you for visiting Prosperity Kitchen

I hope you found everything you were looking for and more.
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What my Clients think

Gemma's initial consultation and report were fantastic. She was non intrusive, quick and extremely knowledgeable and the results were far more than we could have hoped for. We are asking her to come back and look at the rest of the house for us. - Kim, Winnersh, Berkshire
Can't praise Gemma highly enough. Literally transformed my house around. I'm recommending her to everyone.  - Chris, Wokingham
No more mess. I look forward to walking into my house now. Gemma was non-intrusive, quick and obviously has a good eye for decoration. Can you come back and do upstairs?  - Monica, Oxford
Brilliant service. Not sure why I didn't use a Declutter before - Emma, Newbury

I wasn’t sure what to expect but Gemma was great. She asked thoughtful and sensitive questions and listened carefully to my hopes and fears.  She put me at ease and provided surprisingly perceptive and detailed feedback, both verbally and in writing.  Lots of practical advice backed up by a genuine enthusiasm and encouragement.  I’m looking forward now to putting it all into practice. Thank you Gemma! - Nina - North London

Everyone needs a Gemma!
I didn't realise how much I did until I got in touch and started some coaching sessions with the amazing Gemma.  I thought I just wanted to talk through a few things but it turned out to be so much more, she guided me in aspects of Decluttering, Business & Personal stuff.
Whilst coaching isn't necessarily easy it was of huge value to me.  My life feels so much clearer and whilst I haven't managed to implement everything we talked about I now at least have a coherent list of stuff I want to do and know how to make things happen.
I will miss my sessions - Gemma is such a breath of fresh air and the time we spent together  was of huge value to me and I hope to book in for some "check-up" calls to keep me on top of things.
If your hesitating about wondering if a coach is for you - my suggestion would be to grab the bull by the horns and just do it - I am sure you won't regret it and find it very beneficial.
Catherine - West Sussex.

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