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10 Common Misconceptions About WordPress

WordPress Security

So you have your Website or Blog live… What next?
You need to secure your WordPress Installation

10 Misconceptions you should know about WordPress

  1. WordPress is totally secure and CANNOT be hacked.

  2. WordPress does NOT require any monitoring.

  3. WordPress does NOT support eCommerce.

  4. WordPress has LIMITED or NO support

  5. All WordPress websites LOOK the same.

  6. WordPress is SLOW.

  7. WordPress CANNOT handle heavy traffic.

  8. There are NO companies out there that can help manage my website or blog.

  9. The appearance of WordPress and the functionality CANNOT be changed.

  10. There are NO big hitters using WordPress for their website or blog.

All of the above are simply not true, here are the responses.

  1. Without the correct WordPress installation and security features, Your WordPress can be insecure, compromised or hacked quite easily.

  2. Although WordPress will function without monitoring, a website that wants to GROW it’s audience, will require tweaking and monitoring at some point.

  3. WordPress is an excellent platform for eCommerce, there is an abundance of plugins available. Many payment processors can be added to WordPress to process online orders.

  4. Wrong! There are many WordPress businesses now offering to manage your WordPress website for a simple monthly fee. This includes WpTech.co.uk who have for many years worked with WordPress.

  5. With the explosive growth of WordPress worldwide, new themes are being written all the time. You can always find new themes for your business or blog. WordPress is not going away anytime soon. WordPress will be around for many years to come.

  6. Without the correct resources WordPress can be SLOW, pages can take forever to load, however, with the right server? WordPress can really FLY! It’s all about the BASS and the TREBLE, see WpTech.co.uk for more.

  7. WRONG again! WordPress CAN handle large amounts of traffic, take a look at some of the Big Hitters at number 10 in this list.

  8. There are many companies out there that will help you with your WordPress website, Oh, did we mention WpTech.co.uk :)

  9. The appearance and functionality of WordPress CAN be changed to suite your own requirements. If your site requires a specific color scheme, function or application, this can be added. The WordPress framework is very flexible.

  10. Big hitters like, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, Xerox, Fortune have all used, or still use WordPress for their web presence today. The list goes on and on, Phew!

WPTECH.co.uk can help with all security issues.

At time of writing this article, at least 21% of all websites around the world are powered by WordPress, this makes WordPress a target for hackers.

WordPress Support – WPTECH.co.uk

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