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Are you tracking your visitors?

As mobile sites are becoming such a hot topic and after ComScore reported that 13% of all pageviews in the States (approx 1 in 8) were from mobile devices and that these numbers are increasing, it would not be suprising if the UK showed a similar set of statistics.

The question is, how do you know if visitors are looking at your site and what they are looking at it with.

Many people are still not aware of Google Analytics, a free application that will not only tell you that a visitor to your site is viewing pages on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, but will also tell you how many visitors you have had, where they came from, what pages they looked at and for how long and what terms they searched for in order to find you, plus a whole host of other useful information.

What are you waiting for – get an analytics account now – just give your web designer the code they provide and ask him to put the code in each of your site’s pages. The information you can gather will be invaluable to your business.

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